You made it! You're married!

Now what to do with all that stuff you bought for your DIY wedding??

San Juan Shindigs' Wedding Recycle program will help simplify your post-wedding frenzy while making you some money in the process.  After all the planning, buying, and designing, the thought of getting rid of all your hard work can be both a bit sad and a bit daunting. If you have items from your wedding or other event that you would like to re-home, consider letting us buy them from you. We'll make sure the items are cherished and cared for just as much as you did. The program allows us to grow our inventory and allows you to de-clutter with less hassle. It's a win/win for everyone! If you're interested in the Wedding Recycle program, whether your event is past, present, or future, send us a note so we can talk details!